Saturday, July 23, 2016


cant get over putting this beautiful stock photo into my every post

SAHM, FTWM, WAHM or whatever mama you are if comes to handling house chores and kids it is always challenging. Juggling motherhood, wifehood and works (in my case the house chores) is crazy. How to divide the brain to concentrate on so many things at the same time. I love to stay at home 24/7 but sometimes when things get a bit complicated like when kids not behave, kids fighting over toys, food is everywhere on the floor, too many uncompleted chores, tired and did not sleep well at night and many leads to stresssss.

Here how i de-stress myself. Kalau stress lama-lama pun bikin sakit. 


My love for craft and DIY is never ending. But now currently enjoying sewing so much. I don't have any training on sewing and i relaying on tutorial on the net. So far manage to sews few dress for Hazel. And now trying to draft a tops pattern for myself based on my sister well loved sewing notebook.

My sewing machine

Watching Vlog 

Few months back I subscribed to Daphne's vlog. She is hilarious, her husband too. Tho i don't know them personally but sometimes when Daphne speaks in Sabahan slang, its really feel heartwarming. And even hilarious, her son, Isidore giggles whenever he hears bala*** .

Make Up 

Who doesn't love make up? When i feel to wear them i just wear even tho im not going anywhere. Looking at your beautified self in front of the mirror really a mood boosting. My fav when putting makeup on is blending eye shadows.

no eyeliner, no  mascara. Makeup on means selfie and post to Instagram..wakakak

Online Window Shopping

Since i cant  go anywhere especially on weekday, doing online window shopping is veryyyyyyyy therapeutic.Typing on the net whatever you want and ta-dahh.. buli cuci mata.

So how you de-stress?


  1. Hi Beaty! Haha.

    Ya, one of the things I do to destress is watching Youtube videos. Especially on photography. Nowadays minat ambi-ambi gambar ba haha.

    Ba hopefully everything going well with you and family even though hectic kan jaga budak haha.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. hi arms..begitu la tu arms.. klau sa tingu kn tu vlog c daphne sa ketawa bh sb lucu bh ni couple. biasa la tu jaga anak arms.. mau gila jg o klau x pndi hane