Monday, August 8, 2016


It is still fresh in my mind when i delivered  Hazel even it was 3 years ago. i still remember everything. shared the story of giving birth to hazel in my old not active anymore blog. too bad i didn't back up the post and it was forever gone. i should have right? or may be i can write it down in a book/ journal so that hazel can read when she grow up... who knows, may be she wonders her own birth story. 

And now i want to share Luke's. im afraid that i mix up their birth story and even worst, kalau ada rezeki dorang ada adik lagi... nah mungkin that time sa lupa suda kan.

so here is the chronology of giving birth to Luke.

3 OCT 2015

6.00pm-a thick mucus discharge on my panty after having a good walk of 1 round of Kompleks Sukan Ranau. i knew it was mucus plug but still act relax tho. Second time mah..

4 OCT 2015

5.00pm-ish - Period like cramps.Belly feel so heavy but husband insisted to go out for coffee at town. 

5 OCT 2015

midnight-pain comes and goes on my lower back and extended to belly. it was like want to go to shit pain. shited and feels okay. and went back to sleep.

3.00am ish -cramp like pain around belly and lower back. i start to counts and the pain comes and goes every 10 minutes. but i did not went intense yet. so relax. Husband was about to off to KK but had to stopped him. i tell him that i might giving birth as i experienced a mild pain. He went back to sleep. And i was laying counting how many contraction i had.

6.00am-ish - decided to bath and washed my hair two times. I trust my instinct. Then noticed a bloody discharge on my panty. This is no doubt, im in labor

8.00am -ish - Informed mum, dressed, took my bag and off to Hospital Ranau. Hazel was with us too. Admitted to assessment for CTG and VE.  I was only 1cm dilated. Cervix was soften. No pain during VE.

9am - 6pm - Waiting and waiting. Hazel did come once but she cried loudly  and she wanted to stay with me.Chit chat with the other mums. Walking around inside the ward. Sharing and exchanging story with first times mum. No unbearable contractions.

7.00pm -ish - Took bath. The nurse regularly checked our BP and asking about contraction. Still no intense contraction. Continue chit chatting with the next (left side) bed mummy. We admitted at the same time but she was already 6cm dilated and went straight away to labor room. Laying down and trying to have a nap but I just cant. Sisters come with delicious soup for extra energy. Whatsapp-ed husband to check on Hazel. Glad that Hazel doing well.

Midnight - Hello real INTENSE contraction!!!! I keep on punching my  back when contraction kicking in. Gosh, the back pain is killing me. But I don't dare for VE yet cause of course belum lagi bah. Husband keep on asking me through whatsapp how was myself.  The next (right side) bed mummy really kills my mood, she keep on swearing once contraction strike. Well, everyone was in pain too. I just cannot stand with the mummy beside me and went to the ward main entrance and sit there for a good 1 hour. It was a lot calmer there. To scale 1-10, the contraction was around at 6. Still bearable. Walking around the lobby hoping that the opening speed up.

I was leaning forward and forehead on bed bearing the contraction.

 6 OCT 2015

3.00am-ish - Went back to my bed and found out that the mummy next bed was safely delivered. I try to get some rest but hell how can i? Contraction was 5mins apart, I cried because I missed Hazel so much not because of the painful contraction.

5.00am-ish - Contraction went INTENSE WITH THE HARDENING BELLY. This time I cannot stand anymore, the urge to push was present. Macam mau teran tahi keras.

5.45 am - Went in to the labor room for VE. But the nurse on duty seems reluctant to check me as her shift will be ended soon. ' Sakit mau berak suda ka? Bukan asal sakit mau cek ah ' along with a unpleasant tone. But she did it anyway. It was already 6cm-7cm. And she asked me to have breakfast and took the baby's essentials.

6.30 am - My Med. Lab.Tech sister visit me in the labor room and asking this and that. But i really can't answer her as i was really in pain. I keep on asking the nurse to check me but idk why the dilation process took ages. The nurse advised me to walk around the ward but i just cant. I was squatting on the floor, forehead on bed and bloody discharge was everywhere on floor. I asked the nurse (which was my classmate during Form 1). Punya malu asking her but who cares. I begged to ruptured the membrane but she cant as per hospital's friendly delivery procedure to let the membrane broke on it's own.

7.00am - Doctor came and check my belly and she said baby's head still high means no engaged yet. CONTRACTIONNNNN, asked the asst. nurse (which my bestfriend's sister) to check..still 8cm. Moved to the other bed and doing CTG. I was laying curled up like a sea horse.

10.00 am- The CTG mach beeping and the nurse quickly went to me and ask permission from doctor to rapture my membrane. Punya lega suda pecah. I was completely dilated but the membrane wont ruptured on its own. Then proceeds to pushing process. This time no episiotomy, another hospital's friendly delivery process.

10.20 am- Three times pushing and a baby boy was delivered. Gosh, the pushing process itself was tiring of course, i was about to gave up. But well, I had to no matter what. Luckily only myself in the labor room and there were two nurses assisting with the delivery. No picture of him fresh from the 'oven' as the doctor immediately took him for oxygen.I was not wondering why he was on oxygen until recently asks the asst nurse why my baby had to have oxygen. Because the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and he have this slow breathing and face turned blue. Praise to God, he was born on time. If it was a lil late...oh i dont want to imagine it.

Went out walking to my bed without my baby after 1 hour and a half  delivering the placenta, stitching, remove blood clot and etc. The stitches was about 3inches long as i asked the nurse how big is damaged and she show me how long was the stitches with her finger.It was first degree tear.. gosh. Informed husband and the family about me safely delivered.

Praise God.

Hello, daddy!!


  1. Jahitan 3 inci?? Betul ba...

    1. sa tnya tu nurse chii..tus dia kasi tinjuk jari dia tuk panjang tu jahitan..not sure yng termasuk dlm punya la..hihi

  2. Sandi bah mo branak kan Beaty. Tapi bila mo ingat balik mcm best pula tu feelings :)

    1. ya bah sda rasa sakit mau lagi baby ni.. dei..

  3. takut sy dgr yg berhari2 tanda mo beranak ni.. sbb sya dua2 pun yg kira senang saja mau beranak. teda la berhari2 ada sdh tanda ni. personally, bg sya beranak nda sakit tapi paling sakit part jahit.. surrender betul ohh part tu..

    1. tu la kan c luke ni 2 hari jg.. lambat btl proses dia ni. eh sa part meneran bh kadang sa habis nafas ni.. jahit masa luke ok sikit sa masa hazel sakit o..pedih n lambat lagi o

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