Friday, August 12, 2016


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Suddenly, without any notice the excitement for make up went up high. Smitten with make up stuffs after few years did not bothering checking brand new products launched at Watsons because once i start buying i CAN'T STOP. Sephora is in KK already, but to be frank I only been there once. And that time, my mojo for makeup still malu-malu kucing to make it's appearance. Just blankly stared those pretty eyeshadows, lip cream, tools and etc.

And now i want to own my own basic make up stuffs. And here come the list!!

Monday, August 8, 2016


It is still fresh in my mind when i delivered  Hazel even it was 3 years ago. i still remember everything. shared the story of giving birth to hazel in my old not active anymore blog. too bad i didn't back up the post and it was forever gone. i should have right? or may be i can write it down in a book/ journal so that hazel can read when she grow up... who knows, may be she wonders her own birth story. 

And now i want to share Luke's. im afraid that i mix up their birth story and even worst, kalau ada rezeki dorang ada adik lagi... nah mungkin that time sa lupa suda kan.

so here is the chronology of giving birth to Luke.