Friday, August 12, 2016


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Suddenly, without any notice the excitement for make up went up high. Smitten with make up stuffs after few years did not bothering checking brand new products launched at Watsons because once i start buying i CAN'T STOP. Sephora is in KK already, but to be frank I only been there once. And that time, my mojo for makeup still malu-malu kucing to make it's appearance. Just blankly stared those pretty eyeshadows, lip cream, tools and etc.

And now i want to own my own basic make up stuffs. And here come the list!!


Eye shadow palette - My Sleek Au Naturel palette fell down so many times few colors broken and left only few colors. Pathetic. Maybelline and Loreal had it's Nude eyeshadow but im not sure about the pigmentation. Im very particular about eye shadow. There are a lot at the market now with good quality and 'good' PRICE too as ABH, Morphe etc.
Concealer - Will go for Maybelline Pure Concealer Mineral 

Foundation - Revlon Color Stay 24hr. The current price is RM67 at Watsons. Or may be considering to get Burjois Healthy Mix foundation which is lighter than Revlon. But we'll see how.

Mascara - Silkygirl Big Eye

Contouring Palette  - Not a MUA but contouring looks interesting. Saw few seller selling cheap no brand contouring palette online but still contemplating.

Bronzer/ Blusher - ELF Duo Blusher


Brushes - Cheap and good of course. Eyeing on some brushes online.

I'm not going to get them one time. Slowly. But hopefully before Christmas. Besides Christmas, my sis in law is getting hitched so tidak salah belawa sikit. LOL.


  1. sy pun mo start building collection once more. sama2 la kita.

  2. walau stay ruma ja susa jg kalau teda basic pny.. bh sama2 kita ah.. siok ni ada mekap ni

  3. Pandai datang mood baitu mangkali kan Beaty. Sya pnya mekap pun mgkn expired sdh tpi masi sa pakai hehe... Blm dtg tu mood bermekap2.

    1. itu bah dith..dei pndi dtg tu mood..lamaaa sa x sentuh tu mekap bnyk xpired tus sa buang bh..skg bru mau build up collection.. yng murah2 la

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