Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sleeping late

Day by day, Hazel (of course) a demand baby and smarter. Some mummy's old tricks is no longer working. Since birth, Hazel is a good baby. Very less crying. But not until recently. Crying over everything till a point that I almost give up to persuade her. But then I realized that the crying is her way to communicate. She barely speak now. Most of the time speaking her own 'language'. And of course mummy is so blur  - _ -. Up until now not more than 20 word she can pronounce clearly like minum, shoes, momom, mandi, youtube, papa, auntie, daddy, mummy, mama, kakak, bobo and etc.

These couple of weeks, Hazel went to bed real late. The earliest is 12pm and sometimes she will fell asleep almost 1pm. She only nap once during the day but still off to bed really late. As usually we will prepare to sleep at 8.30- 9.00 pm and she will fell asleep 30 mins -1 hour later. But not recently. Sometimes she pull my arms and lead me to the our room door's knob and there two of us at living room at midnight. I know that if this situation last more than 2 weeks, i will never having my beauty sleep. Before sleep, normally it's her daddy's turn to entertain her with her fav MV song at Youtube and usually will turn to me 20-30 mins later and my turn to cuddle her and we both sleep soundly. But these couple of weeks, I just cant stand it. She refuse to sleep even after breastfeed and cuddling. She demand to me to play with her. Huh..

kids nowadays...

So, this is the time i should 'play' tho it hurts my instinct as a mother. When she cried for me to entertain her I turn my back against her and pretending to sleep. I can hear a short whine and begin to hug me from the back. Kalau ikut hati mau saja peluk balik but kuatkan hati sajalah. In a dimmed light she will crawl onto me and calling me. I still pretend sleeping. She gave up and crawl back to her sleeping area. She will hug her pillow, changing lying position, talking to teddy, humming her song, doing nothing, blinking her eyes and the cycle will repeat till she fell asleep by herself. Yay, who says that mummy's trick was not successful? It was. There were few times this trick worked. Sometimes it will be accompany by a super food, breast milk.

fell asleep by her own for the first time, cuddling teddy and slept horizontally as always. Baby, it supposed to be like this. Mummy loves you.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unchecked : Road Trip to Simpang Mengayau, Kudat

It was an unplanned road trip by the way. Because husband never say a thing about this trip prior off from KK. Huh. Husband said that spending the weekend here in KK is boring. So we off from home nearly 1pm. Lewat kan? I was reluctant because I have not prepare anything for the trip. So I had a quick drop on our house at Telipok to get Hazel's essentials, power bank and camera. That all. Hazel was sleeping all the way to Kudat. What a relief juga lah. 

We arrived at Simpang Mengayau's junction around 3.00pm++. Entering the road ....i was kinda uneasy. Yeah a palm oil plantation road. Narrow and bumpy. Very few houses and cars passing by. Then I ask husband what if a stranger suddenly appear....and asking for a help.... should we stop and help... Aduh macam-macam lah bah fikiran. But thankfully, after 15 min we actually arrived!!! Yeahhhh. Finally here we were.. Tip Of Borneo. 

I was eager to came down which the same spot husband standing but I don't want to take the risk. Slippery, steep and I don't think I can handle the ocean. Waves is quite hard because it was quite windy and the water was so green to my eyes. And frankly to say that the water there make me goosebumps. Spent about an hour there. Adoring the view, feeling the breeze, took pictures and berlari-lari sama Hazel and that all.

Honestly, nothing much can be done here unless if staying for a night or two. But the view is fantastic and I'm proud to be here.

Hopefully in the future can visit again and I hope I can witness sunsets. Yay sunsets!!

We off to Kudat town for dinner and headed back to KK around 6.00pm. Dropped by a stall along KB-KK road to buy roasted corn. Safely arrived at home nearly 10.00pm.

I ask husband that we should make more road trip this year and he replied me... Sandakan!!! Cahyoooo..

Friday, January 9, 2015

Diastasis Recti

I never knew I had this problem until recently one of my friend in Instagram post about it. I quickly goggled it and do a simple test if I have Diastasis Recti or abdominal separation.And I'm can quite confirmed that I did had it. I thought it was a fat that stucked in my belly. No wonder I had those bulging tummy. How funny am I looked.. Flat at the back but a bulging tummy from the front. Well, I just can make an excuse..."Hello I'm a mummy now, I supposed (so) to be looked like this". Haha.

Of course I want to get rid of those. Who does not want a flat beautiful tummy even after giving birth. Then, I come to think that I should discipline my self last time to wear belly binder. Or if I knew I got this problem earlier, I should make an effort to exercise. But now (i think) the muscle on my belly is "hardened" or "loosened" might be so much hard to flatten my tummy.  Nah never mind. Past is past.

I did gain weight during last holiday season. Eating like a pig.. yeah because the foods was awesome. Since I gave birth I never get my 49kg pre-pregnancy weight. The lowest that I can achieve was 50kg and the highest was as per below scale reading. Scary isn't?? My plan is to shred the 1.9kg and I hope I can do this. To be clear, I just want to keep my weight healthy.

Anyways, started a brief 30 sec plank this morning.That was the best I can hold.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello Twenty Fifteen

Happy New Year everyone. Just came back today from hometown. Huh, such not a lucky day for us to start the new year, it's been raining since first day of twenty-fifteen. And East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and few districts in the state was affected by flood. I only hoping for the flood to be subsided soon. And I hope those people who affected are strong enough to face this. And, few days before twenty-forteen ended, another airplane crash. It was devastating news and i can't do nothing but praying for the family/friends of the victims to have strength to face this. I hope there is no further speculation as it involved somebody's life.

Anyways, for me nothing specific goals for 2015 but only hoping for a better living, peace, strength, healthy and positivity. I don't want to stress myself listing/ accomplished a never ending goals/list.

I wish you best of 2015!!!

new planner, by the way