Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Preparing to graduate Hazel

First of all, I should thank God for giving me a chance able to breastfeed Hazel until this very moment. So thankful and grateful. It was not rainbow journey of course. From breast engorgement, milk blister and so on I'm glad that I choose to BF although not exclusively anymore. Another 3 months, Hazel will hit 2 and that the ideal age to stop breastfeeding. And that I'm planing to do.

The other day, we had a short conversation. Yes with Hazel. She is now understand well tho she barely speak. I asked her to stop nenen and she cried. I told her that i will put chilli on. She cried and stomped on my feet, walked away and back cried hard on my lap. Teary red eyes with snot. Took me some time to comfort her.  I think she wasn't ready yet.

I had a conversation my friend on how to encourage Hazel to quit. Her first tips was to put a chilli on. But I not dare to try. I don't think I can endure the 'hotness' later. Next is to apply red hamoi on to scare Hazel that she might think that red color is blood. Then the other mum interrupt our conversation and she say 'nanti pandai berhenti tu kalau Hazel ada adik'. Huh, I'm not ready yet for another additional members.

So until now I have not mention to Hazel about her quitting. She still love very much sucking until fell asleep and will crawl to me at night and pulling up my shirt and shifting sucking from one to another and fell asleep again. And she call it neneih when she wanted to.

Anyone can share a tips here?

Don't force me to quit!!