Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello Twenty Fifteen

Happy New Year everyone. Just came back today from hometown. Huh, such not a lucky day for us to start the new year, it's been raining since first day of twenty-fifteen. And East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and few districts in the state was affected by flood. I only hoping for the flood to be subsided soon. And I hope those people who affected are strong enough to face this. And, few days before twenty-forteen ended, another airplane crash. It was devastating news and i can't do nothing but praying for the family/friends of the victims to have strength to face this. I hope there is no further speculation as it involved somebody's life.

Anyways, for me nothing specific goals for 2015 but only hoping for a better living, peace, strength, healthy and positivity. I don't want to stress myself listing/ accomplished a never ending goals/list.

I wish you best of 2015!!!

new planner, by the way


  1. pink planner! cute...buat sendiri ka tu?

    1. Beli bh tu .. daiso n kaison..hihi

  2. new blog sdh pula..camna mau follow ni...adeii ka sya yg ketinggalan jaman sdh ni..haha