Friday, September 2, 2016


Why did not i discovered early that I actually attracted to sewing. Back then, my mum owned a sewing machine but i never really interested plus im still so young and what i knew is playing with the treadle sewing machine. Until now i don't really know how to operate it. Plus, the sewing machine was broken and is kept in the storage house at hometown. My first ever small project when i was young, was a simple small tote bag. Hand sewn. I really wants to own one until i decided to sew one for myself from a scrap fabric. It turned out nice until my sister had it for herself since i went to boarding school. And no more sewing related stuff until I purchased my portable sewing machine 4y ago. But did not really utilize it because i was pregnant with Hazel. 

And now, so eager to learn sewing. But at the moment, self-taught.. Looking over the net for tutorial is only choice right now and of course practicing lah.

Last week made a simple chiffon cardigan. It is simple project, measure, cut and sew. But yeah working with chiffon fabric is no joke. Need lot of pins to prevent fabrics sliding.

After a succeed try i must say (cause it wearable), I want to sew one or two for myself in pattern fabric. And if it turn nicer, may be i can sell some? Who want to buy? I have not found a nice fabric for the cardigan but right now in mind i wanted to sew a boxy tops and shorts. Gosh, sewing is addiction (same as my addiction to makeup) but so lil time as I have two lil critters that will not let me enjoying my addiction.

Until then, hopefully with another sewn cardigan.


  1. kalau yng simple2 buli la chii.. bikin hilang borng ni jg

  2. jait dress kasi hazel baa.. comel tu.. hehehehe

    1. ada jg sa jait a gew tu moi ..

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