Thursday, September 15, 2016


We were at kampung last week for a week. Besides good food and companies to talk with and catching up with the family, i adore every little thing about kampung. Well who doesn't right?

It is always my dream at least owning few plants that cared and planted by myself. I've been trying to plant some here at home but it dried and died. And worst, my veggies did not show up after sowing. I gave up and hold everything. Threw all of the soil and packed those brown vases into storage room. Pathetic. I know. 

Then one fine evening, while wandering on the house compound , i saw my sister's pots of dried flower and decided to removed them. And i quickly asked my other sister to bring down few portulaca's shoot from her home ( I knew she have a few type of portulaca). I planted them as soon my sister brought the shoots to me. 

One thing that i really love about this plant because of it's really easy to care. Senang tanam. senang jaga.The next morning, it's blooming (yeah provided that the shoot that you have is the one which has bud). And there are many types of portulaca too. Various colors too. From those which looks like a carnation as per below.

To these...

Here another.

There are few that doesn't blooms yet and hopefully can see them in this coming weekend.


  1. You are soon to be good in flower planting, sis. Keep it up!

    1. d kg ok jg kali sb tanah ok..klau sini kk susa teda space

  2. Sya pnya mood tanam bunga time sya bujangan seja. Skrg sdh beranak pinak ni blm dtg tu mood. Tapi sia jeles jga nampak tu bunga ko tanam. Sangat lawa :))

  3. hihi dith ni pn sb boring stay d runa x buat apa2 ..jaga anak kn pun pndi x da mood..bnyk lagi pasu kakak sa yn terbiar ni so kasi rajin tu tgn sa pigang tanah.. n portulaca sng tanam kan.. bah pelan2 dith buli tu

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