Monday, October 24, 2016


How time flies. It feels so yesterday i gave birth to Luke (read his birth story here) and now he is a year old toddler. Walking and and climbing. Still clingy to mummy. Love to explore and even know how to annoys his sister. His favorite song is Five Little Monkey Jumping On The Bed that I let him watch every time i need to do something.

We celebrated his birthday 4 days after he turns 1 at hometown attended by close family member. Simple celebration. Happy Birthday song, blows candle, photographs for memory, eating and eating and that all. Anyway i managed to bake a proper cake for him. Not a fancy  and pretty cake because this amateur baker mummy just learn from Youtube how to bake and frosting a cake. 

Baking a cake is easier. All is basic. But not frosting a cake. That was my first time ever attempts to frost a cake all  by myself and in the midst of cooking the dishes for the birthday. I thought my legs was going to torn apart due to prolonged standing. But it was all worth it!!!

Please just ignore those not so smooth artworks...That how we celebrate Luke birthday. Kampung style.  Nothing fancy.

Dear Luke, 

Mommy only wish the best for you, my son. May you grew to be a brave and wiser man and humble. 
May your heart be filled with love and compassion.
May God decorate each day in your life with happiness, success and prosperity.
Share your joy
Spread love 
Smile often
Happy Birthday once again my son. 

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