Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Since giving birth to Hazel i never really back to normal skincare routine -cleanse, toner and moisturize. Cleansing will do. Too lazy to do the other two steps. I don't care about my skincare routine. My kids is my priority.

Until i gave birth to my son, Luke last year and at 6mos postpartum, my skin deteriorated. Uneven skin tone, dry, dark spots and all you name it. Its stressed me out. Even tho, most of my time spent at home taking care of my kids, at least I need to be comfortable with my own first. SAHM pun mau juga melaram. Well, i opt for drugstore products which is a lot cheaper and of course because of the easy availability. Frankly to say that i cant afford those high end one. I cant simply splurge on my monthly allowance given by the mister.

Before buying any, i did survey on the net and reading as much as reviews that i found. I dont know how many times i key in 'best drugstore skincare in malaysia'.

So, here what skincare I've been using for the past two months.

Cleanse my face with Himalaya Whitening Face Wash daily. It is paraban and sls free. I dont know if it whiten my skin (after all my skin is naturally tan - __- ) but i can say it slightly even my skin. And it do not break me out. Then i scrub my face max 3 times a week with Eversoft Apricot Scrub Blackhead Clearing. After two months using it i can say that my white head/ black head reduced. Less rough feeling when i touch my face. Then tone my skin with Skinz Eversoft Clarifying Toner. This one i cant comment much but at least it not break out. And moisturize with Loreal Revitalift Day and Night Cream. It is 8ml size and it lasted about 2 weeks. Still can't talk much about these cream and it effect to my skin. But one thing i can confirms that they are not break me out and at least it do moisturize my skin. Last but not least, Nivea Creame. Bought this one when we were staying at Ranau 2 months ago. Put them on any dry spot on my body including face. It suits the dry and cold weather at Ranau thus loving this cream. 

So what is your current skincare products?


  1. sy pun mau bikin updated skincare nnt

  2. yay ngam chii..buli jg share2 kn