Sunday, July 17, 2016


sometimes im confused with my own hobbies. sometimes im into sewing. then into baking. then so into gardening. and soooo into makeup too. sometimes i want to do all of them at the same time. i guess i have so much time to daydream until i wanted to do all of them.

but now i cant do any of them cause Luke has increase his mobility. crawling and learning to stand up on his own. forget hobbies, even going to the toilet is a hassle now. the separation anxiety level is at its max! but i did make some effort to sneak out to the store room to sew something just to keep me sane. but only able to do that when husband is around so that he can look after the kids. i only have like 2 hours to spend on my hobby. 

btw, made this flutter sleeve dress for hazel last week. im better on hemming, seam and putting bias tape now but for this dress, making placket at the back is another story. susah juga rupanya.

shud put some effort to take a good picture

 hobbies on baking, gardening and makeup is put on hold for the mean time.