Thursday, July 14, 2016

what to blog

Oh hello bloggers.

I really don't have idea what to blog first. too many to share actually but i know they may not worth to be posted here. Some too random, some too personal and some to just not worth to be shared publicly. Frankly, i really misses those blogging days. It was a good time when you found a virtual friends. Sharing thoughts, sharing opinions and all.

So, if i really want to into blogging again, what should i write? Im no good at writing. Hahaha so lacking.

Product review? Oh I seldom bought stuffs nowadays. Makeup? Skincare?

Oh i just dont know what to blog about.

So mostly plain random stuffs la.

So see you again in the next post


  1. cantiknya banner ko! blog ja apa2 ba. perkembangan anak. perangai anak. haha. tp semuanya pun kadang sda tercerita di dayre sama whatsapp jadi mcm x apa sda mo cerita kan

    1. ya bah kan chii..suda sahm ni kan teperap d ruma otak pn pndi jem ni