Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A come back, maybe

So, its been almost a year since I last blog. Missing blogging so much but with two kids, it prohibit me to doing so. So what happen after almost a year?

Firstly, I'm a mommy of two. Delivered a baby boy on 6th October 2015 on fine morning weigh 3.1kg. We named him Luke Avannus. And he is now 4 months. And he's been started rolling since he was 3m3w. So people been asking me what is the different delivering a baby girl and boy. Hahah no difference at all. Same pain on the same spot. I cant tell how pain it is. Indescribable. God knows. Anyway, i might be sharing my birth story soon.

Here, Luke aged only 2hours.

Secondly, yes I'm still a SAHM. Been a SAHM since end of year 2012. I loved to work  but this is not the right time tho the fact that we need extra sources to raise our kids. With the economy downturn nowadays, it is good to have both parent working. But to think of sending my kids to be cared by someone is a pain. So hard to find babysitter nowadays. So looking for a job is put on hold now.

Love you two, sweethearts!!!

Hurmmm..i cant think of another stuff to update see you all soon again ya..

So that is my comeback post..


  1. Hi Luke & Hazel! Mmg ramai yg komplen susah cari babysitter skrg. Nursery mmg last choice. Apa2 pun, enjoy ur SAHM moments.. hihih

  2. You do have good photography skill.

  3. You do have good photography skill.

    1. Hihi..tq.. Old days punya hobby yng buried sda.