Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What a long hiatus

Hello everybody. Its been a while. My last post is about 4 months ago. What a long.....hiatus. Missing reading all blogs that i followed and so do missing rambling here. Anyway, let me just list few 'updates' of myself.

Firstly, we are here at hometown since March And may be will be stayed here until end of the year. That's a long stay kan. I have my own reason(s) tho. 

Secondly, we are going to 4 this coming October. Yes im pregnant with second baby. Coming to 6th months. So glad that I survived the first trimester's which yeah not so comfortable. So thankful to God for the patience, courage and strength. I prays hard that i had that strength until i deliver our baby. And baby, mummy hope you grows healthy inside mummy's womb.

Lastly, Hazel turns 2 last month. She is not a baby anymore and some more going to be a big sister soon. It was a mixed feeling seeing her grows. Happy and emotional. How time flies. If i can turn back time,  i want to rewind those day when she was a newborn.

Huh blogging from a mobile phone is not convenient. So see you in a later post. More stories and update..hihi


  1. Mau jg blogging dr PC/lappy kan.. nyway, stay safe! take care..

    1. Paling senang d lappy mau blog.. Tq just

    2. Paling senang d lappy mau blog.. Tq just