Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hazel at 33 months

Hazel is currently 33 months and in 2months time she will be 3 years old. Soon will enter pre-school. Time real flies. It is just like yesterday i gave birth to her. She is not that fluent in talking yet sometimes me myself her mummy who with her 24/7 find it is hard to understands what she was talking. She will get angry if i don't get what she trying to say. Funny at the same time.

Since she is almost 3yo, she can count 1-10 in English and Malay. Have yet to teach her to count in Dusun too. Hopefully, in few months she can recognize the numbers and alphabets too. She can sing ABC song half way only by now. And she recognize colors too. Thanks to Youtube. She holds pencil perfectly. Our white color wall has had her "amazing drawing".

In term of social, I can see that she is still developing. She know how to hang out with other kid. Mula2 malu kucing lah, suda in baru inda ingat dunia kalau main. She knows how to say Thank You too. 
She is 100% diaper free since end of last year. And now she can wear her own pants without me helping. And if she is in a good mood, she will pee/poop on her own in her potty. Sinang kerja mummy. But still need to wash her lah.

Her favorite toys atm is her kitchen sets. Her daddy bought her a bigger sets last time and i think she have more than 5 small set. Can you imagine how messy our house everyday? She loves to pour them all on the floor and pick which one she wants to play. 

Anyway that all i can think off by now.

Here Hazel's at age of 7hours. Always my first baby!!