Friday, November 21, 2014


I tired looking for skincare. I don't know why since giving birth, any skincare that i tried before no longer working. Bought few brands that I used to use last time but they were not suit me anymore. It break me out a lot. Acne everywhere!! Hormone changes? I don't know. 

Then, finally I come across with this Safi Rania Gold' s range. The first stuff that I got was their Pembersih Lembapan Mendalam which i like because it does not break me out {horray}. After using it for almost 2 months. I'm quite happy. Skin shows an improvement. Less oily (on T zone). 

But then, I'm so tempting to try out their serum as I read pretty good reviews about it. So I tried them. Erm pretty good tho. No break out. The texture is soft and no oily at all. Bought 2nd bottle last month. 

And recently got almost full range of them. For the mean time won't change to another brand.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


My new blog. Back to blogspot. My other blog here.. i still have not decided what to do with that paid hosting blog. Feeling like to deactivated it as im no longer an active blogger. Anyway, lets just put that aside.

Last month, finally I got my humble oven at Giant. A cheap one. Thanks to husband for the generosity. Now I'm able to bake at home. So here a few first food that I bake.

1) A choc cookies 

Loving these cookies. It was my first try and simply love it! Crunchy! Husband love it too. He even say that the taste near to Famos Amos's. I know husband you just don't want to let me down. But I;m looking forward to bake this since Christmas is on its way!!!

2. No Lave Choc Cupcake

Again, this is also my first try that was a totally epic failed. I think they were over-baked. The supposed to be a lava inside was all dried out. Asked husband to brought to the office next day and luckily he loved it. Even it was a dried-out lava cupcakes. Got to try yet soon.

3. A so called baked caramelized chicken wing 

Most of the time, when comes to cooking, I'm a person that will follow my instinct instead of a recipe. Main suka hati saja masak. Same as this baked chicken wing. I dumped all (paprika, garlic, carrot, chicken wing, oyster sauce, oregano, broccoli, olive oil and black peeper) and put inside the oven. So easy! Since Hazel is an active toddler, working in the kitchen is not a breeze. She will "join" me. And it will be so uncomfortable to cook with one hand while the other one holding Hazel. So this type of dish really perfect for me than keep on going to the kitchen to check on the food.

P/s Im hungry seeing those pictures