Friday, February 3, 2017


That was a  reaction i got from the mister after telling him that i want to learn brush calligraphy and (now wanting) to learn watercolor-ing (especially floral) πŸ₯€. But actually mister is quite supportive in everything i do as long as the stuff that i wants  won't causing a big hole to his pocket. 

But then he is commenting that why i need to do so many stuff at the same time. A stay at home mom who occupied with kids and house chore everyday, with the self taught sewing thingy and now want to terjun pula on arts. His main concern that how am i going to divide to do so many things at a time. Well not everyday i sews, not everyday i practice calligraphy. I only do them when i wants to and only when the kids off to bed at night. I really not fond any art related esp drawing stuff back then during school days  because obviously i cant draw. semua orang lidi saja. Now, suda tua baru mau sibuk belajar arts. Well may be because im staying at home 24 hr made me to try something new other than the daily routine.

Same thing when he found out a coffee at the bathroom. He asking what is it for an i said it's for scrubbing and i offer him if he wants to try but he say no thank you. Again he gave me this comment.  'ei ada -ada saja ko ni' and adding whose idea it is using coffee for scrubbing, it mean for drink.

Same thing with my makeup stuffs. But luckily, my obsession with makeup went normal nowadays. Lucky mister, he dont have to accompany me to visit drugstore store every month.

p/s pls excuse my rusty writing.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Entering second week of the year. How is life so far? Anyway happy new year to everyone. I hope it is not too late to wish everyone. As usual, every year we celebrated new year at hometown. And what more thrilling was we had an unplanned road trip to Pitas and Kota Marudu on the NYE eve with the kids using Marak-Parak road πŸ‘πŸ‘.  Hihi that was what happened on the NYE eve..and i dont want to elaborate more on that.

Straight forward, listing a resolutions is a must for everyone except for me last year I did not really bother to list down any. Thinking back i did not even remember why i did not cause every year i never failed to jots down any. Waking up every morning without any goals to achieve and facing the same routine is kinda boring and tongkat dagu tidak tau apa mau buat except the same damn routine everday. So for this year i bravely listing my resolutions at least..

So here we go.

For myself / family πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬
  • to be a better person for husband and the kids, avoiding gossips and conflicts 
  • read more books
  • closer to God 
  • more educational activities for the kids
  • be organized 

  • sew more and start a small at home business
  • attending formal sewing class/ buying reference book for sewing
  • attending cake decorating class
  • learn brush calligraphy
  • back to crocheting 
  • blogging more 
 Travel ✈
  • at least 2 road trips and 1 plane trip outside Sabah

I have few more unlisted resolutions but I think the above are adequate as a guideline.

See you next post.